Dual sport tours

Don’t push yourself to ride, ride to push yourself!

Our dual sport rides are graded as beginner, intermediate and advanced rider. As with our other tours we custom tailor it to not only your skill level but the bike that you will ride. Our goal is for this to be a fun experience and as challenging as you would like it to be. This is the point that many people choose to grow their skill set. We are patient on the more technical sections and love it when people want to redo a section to home their skills.

Do you look for gravel roads, twisty backroads, gnarly paths, water crossings, muddy tracks? Let us know so we can make your tailor your tour to what you love!

You can bring your bike or we can arrange enclosed transport from your house to our secure facility and pick up up at the airport.

We are conveniently located an hour north of the West Virginia International Yeager Airport located in Charleston if you’d like to fly in.